Daily Update

My dad sent me an email yesterday about how upset he was that I hadn’t wished him for his birthday. He said he’d rather die than live like this.

I was going to reply back to him and tell him If you felt that way just because someone hadn’t wished you. … can you imagine how one might feel for being called a liar for talking about their abuse. Should I kill myself then?

I didn’t. Not because I am the bigger person,  but because it will only fall on deaf ears.  They all only think about themselves.  So I simply hit delete. 

This decision is going to haunt me for awhile but I think I made the right choice.


4 thoughts on “Daily Update

  1. I believe you made the right choice as well. At the moment I am thinking of distancing myself from my mom and sister as well. They are toxic because they don’t see it how it is. While this will haunt you for now it’s the best decision you made for YOU. In the end take care of yourself first.


      1. You will always have a family. It’s their decision whether they want to listen to you or not. Never think that you are alone because you aren’t. We always have people behind us and you’re not alone.

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  2. I say talk to him – some people listen. If you’re ok distancing yourself you have nothing to lose. Totally understand where you’re coming from though.


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