Daily Update

I’ve been having a particularly bad weekend and I woke up completely depressed. I think it is safe to say my depression is here, in full swing. I tried to ward it off but nope… He’s here.

So on the bus this morning I am lost in my old self loathing thoughts and there was this very teeny tiny part of me that knew that I was being completely stupid and it was just my depression talking but then that overpowering feeling of complete chaos just took over.

But this woman on the bus started talking to me. She was just asking for directions to get somewhere, nothing special. Just wanted to find out the shortest route to get to her new job. That was all. But to me, it snapped me out of these thoughts and my mood changed.

That’s all it took. For someone to start a conversation, albeit very simple, and I clicked out of it. We found out that we live near each other and she works pretty much in the next building over. So, I kind of made a friend on the bus.

That’s all it takes folks. A simple smile and conversation with someone to make them feel loved.

Its sad that we don’t do it more often.


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