Lookout its the Grinch

I hope I read through this blog of mine one day and just think “Wow! I am so glad things have changed”

I don’t see it happening as yet but one can hope.

Obviously as you might have guessed, my depression has hit full swing this week. I am going on a double date tonight with a work collegue of mine and I am so anxious about it. It’s the first time our partners would be meeting each other and I am just nervous. Like I am about to puke nervous.

Oh! Anxiety! Why you do this to me?

You know what the shit part is?  I can get help but I am scared that if I do my husband would complain about the money we are spending or bring it up later on in life about how he put up with it. The shit part is,  my husband and I are so …. like we care about what each other will think. .. what do you call that?  Shouldn’t it be when you are married to each other you shouldn’t really care because you know they’d love you anyway?  Like they should be the one urging you to get help because it’s what is best for you? 

Or does that just happen in the movies?


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