Can’t buy my love

This came for me today along with flowers and chocolates (currently in the bin)

These are the reasons why I don’t give a shit:

1. “We hope everything is okay” no it’s  not.  You sold me to a pedafile and haven’t apologised for it or at the very least acted guilty, you forced me into marriage and then you SIGHED when i got pregnant AND you tried to separate me from my husband. .. so no everything is NOT okay. 

2. “Often in our thoughts” of…. giving you money?  You running out of money?  Your older daughter not being nice to you huh?

3. “Love” hahahahahha  yea okay

4. And the biggest joke of all “Mum and Dad” Sure. 

I thought I’d be emotional if I hear from my parents again.  I thought they might still hold the power to reel me back in. It’s safe to say “HELL FUCKING NO”
EDIT: Also can I just add, this proves that they think I am not capable of making my own decisions and hence think I am currently estranged from them because of my husband.  NO GUYS I’m estranged from you because of you. 

Ok rant over 


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