Recap on 2016

January to April : Torture by parents, mental games, fights, physical fights with the parents, kids scared and confused, builder raises the price of the house

May: move out of parents house, kids and husband move overseas. I sell all my jewllery to pay off the builder, stay home alone, kids not doing well overseas, dog gets anxiety

April: end of april: daughter and husband come back, son stays on, MIL backs out on offer to come and help, find a daycare to look after daughter

May: go overseas to pick up son, find daycare to look after son and daughter, dog anxiety worsens

June: dog dies, parents try to contact, depression gets worse, husband is promised promotion at work

July: work gets worse, anger gets worse, builder adds extras that cost more, husbands promotion is threatned

August: end of August: husband gets seizures

September: daughter breaks arm, im finding it really hard to keep it together


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