Terrible Twos

A Background on my greatest Accomplishments:

My Kids are 20 months apart. Now I know it seems ridiculous when I say this in months, I could just say 2 years and get it over and done with. But I say 20 Months because those extra 4 months (or lack thereof) to make up the 2 years, makes a WHOLE lot of difference in Baby world.

My daughter has always been ahead in accomplishing milestones compared to normal babies. She basically started walking by the time she was 9 months old and started saying words and broken phrases by the time she was a year old. This is not normal. I know this now. While I am extremely proud of her for being ahead of her (extremely normal) peers, this also has a disadvantage to it. For example: Her terrible twos hit before she was even 2. Her Threenager phase (this exists) hit before she was 3 (but didn’t last that long to be honest). My daughter is what I can an Old Soul. A 30 year old woman stuck in a 3 year old’s body. I’ll give you an example; Once my husband and I were having a cheeky banter about who’s better at everything. I asked my daughter “Baby 1 tell dada he’s silly”.. She looks at me square in the face and says “Mama, solve your own problems”. Shes 3. Yep.

My Son.. Well… Class Clown. That is the only way to describe him. He is my easy child. No dramas, never ever woke up through the night, not a picky eater. But then.. he turned 2. Oh Boy. Since I had JUST gone through the Terrible Two/ Threenager Phase with my daughter, His phase feels like punishment. I know they say it will be easier cuz I had already done it with my Daughter, but it doesn’t. Clingy, Tantrums for EVERYTHING… and I mean Everything.. He cried the other day because he dropped his toothbrush, but he could have just picked it up… but instead.. he just chucked a tantrum! Mood Swings, Picky eating… Worse than me in my PMS. But then he does these things with his cute AF smiles and I just fall for it. And he’s just starting to talk (much later than my daughter, I know) but it is just hilarious when he tries to pronounce things.

I can’t deal with his chubby cheeks and his out of proportion teeth that always seem to stick out of his lips! I even have to stop myself from admiring them when he is chucking a tantrum. There have been plenty of occasions when my husband cracked up laughing because he was so cute when he was crying. Basically, what I am trying to say is #ICantDeal

I find Parenthood has been a constant struggle between being proud of my kids’ accomplishments while being sad about my kids’ accomplishments.

That’s it. Thats the only way to describe it.



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