Do you ever think that you can’t trust your brain?

Your brain gathers random facts from the outside world and then comes to a conclusion about things… but other factors come into play as well like personality and influence. Assuming everyone’s personality is good (whatever your definition of good is)… with all this social media and such intensity of news these days – Influence is a great….well influence into your thinking. 

Your facebook news feed is altered according to the searches you make. For example, if I search for something pro-muslim (yea I’m going there) all my feed and news online is going to be about all the bad things that happened to every muslim in the world and how unfair the world is. If I’m (for lack of a better word) anti-muslim, I’m going to see everything ISIS ever did to “us”. 

The decisions you make are highly influenced by what you google and what the media says. So how do you trust your brain to make the right decision? 

While I am all for stereotyping people (I’m Indian, and I most definitely do Indian things. There are stereotypes for a reason)… do we really need to stereotype when it comes to war? 

I hate reading the news these days because it’s so cliché. If you’re crazy and muslim it’s terrorism, if you’re crazy and white – you had a bad childhood, gun spree – you know it’s a white guy with bullying issues, if its rape – its Indian, Children raped, Children killed, Mothers killing children. Just shit. I’ve just had enough. When did we get this bad? Or am I just noticing it now cuz I’m an adult?


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