Just one reason why

Soon after I left my parents, I was in this…mood. I didn’t really talk to anyone at work. Everytime I saw someone I know walk past, I would do my best to ignore them. I would literally think “Ugh” when I saw someone. It got to a point where it affected my job. This lady in particular at work was annoying the shit out of me with her fake attitude.
You know when you dislike someone, you start seeing only their annoying traits? I did that. So much so that I went to my boss’ office and told her that xx was being a little bleep (not in so many colourful words of course) and my boss – kid you not – says “thats cuz your being a little bleep (not that colourful)”. I was taken aback. How dare you put this on me! Don’t you know what I have been through!!!!! And she says, yes but not in detail. It sucks but everyone elses life sucks as well. Maybe less than yours, maybe just as bad, maybe even worse (to which i scoffed) but sucks none the same. Doesn’t mean you have to make everyone else feel the same pain. You walk with a black cloud around you, she said. It shows in your emails, in your phone mannerisms, your lack of care is showing. If you don’t care about this or at least try… she said you are eventually not going to care about anyone. 

3 hours I was in her office. 3 hours

Often when life gets us down we think and rethink about our problem so much that we forget about other things…. other people. 

A smile goes a long way

It’s hard to smile when your parents hate you and you are as poor as poor can get but a smile goes a long way. You’d never know… maybe the answer to your problems is in the person you’ve just smiled at, or had that small talk with at the bus stop or even just the smile. 

You simply just fake it till you make it. 

I know 13 reasons why has been a huge topic these days (as it should be!). I haven’t watched all of it but *SPOILERS AHEAD* I read up on it. 
If Jason and Alex had thought about the girl for a change instead of them just wanting to fit in/ depressed about rejection Hannah would not have been in the firing line. 

Every Character in there were so engrossed in their own problems that they didnt even think about others. Perhaps if Jason had thought about Hannah he would have been with her and therein lies his answer of needing someone to love as he never got it at home. See where I am going with this?

There is just one common reason in all the 13 and it could have been easily avoided.


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