A middle class working Mother’s wish.

I made a Mummy friend.

We don’t know many people with kids. Infact we only know one family and they live quite far away so it’s only the birthdays and special occasions we meet up and they are close friends but the distance makes catching up a bit hard to do. 

My daughter went to her “first” birthday for a kid at her childcare. It was rather exciting for me because I never thought I’d get to be one of those you know, drop off the kids, chat to the moms around the playground kind of mum. I am a through and through working mum. I wake up the kids, kiss them goodbye and head out the door at 6am and I come home 630 – 7pm spend 30 -60 minutes with them giving them a bath and putting them to bed. A Working mother. I have never seen my daughter interact with other kids. I only know how to say her friends and teachers names through her baby accent. So being invited and having a chance to interact with other moms and see how my daughter fairs with other kids was exciting. Turns out I was the only mom who worked all day, everyday. Of course, I think I knew that. I thought when the other moms started talking together and complaining about their lives I would feel jealous/ roll my eyes but it was nice. It was a general “I am here for my kid rather be home folding the laundry” kind of attitude (lol).

Anyway, I started small talk with this young mom and she was just as shy as I was and the conversation didn’t lead anywhere so I just sat, looking around. My daughter had completely disappeared into a pool of giggling kids and I ended up in this room with colouring activities and my daughters left over burger. I see these two mums come in and start chatting and I kind of joined in on the conversation and turns out one of the moms, who also happens to be my daughters “best friends” (do 4 year olds know what best friend is?) mom, lived right behind my house! What are the chances! And the one thing that has never happened to me before happened – she asked for my number. 

It wasn’t a, you know, ugh I Have to get your number now type of thing. It was a genuine, I want to get to know you better, lets be friends! type of thing. And when I got home after the party, I had a message from her! So exciting. I got my kids dressed convinced my husband to smile and off we went for a 2 second walk behind my house to meet them for dinner. As I was walking, I realised that I was doing something that I never thought I would do. Something normal. There were no dramas. I made this friend on my own. I wasnt forced to make this friend or do it because my parents know them somehow. This is me interacting with humans ON MY OWN… and without drama. Not because I want someone in my life to love me but because its normal. This is what normal people do, they go to parties and make friends and go to dinner parties, talk about their kids and their life and work over a couple of bottles of wine and good food while the kids run up and down the house playing. This was a moment in my life that was going to go down in history. 

I have since gone over twice, and now she is my walking buddy in the morning. No agenda, no drama. Just what normal people do. 

I never thought I’d get here you know. And even though there is still a voice in the back of my head that’s saying “it’s not going to last long” and “don’t screw it up”. I am going to try hard to keep this. I want my kids to grow up normal. No pedaphiles, no rapist, no jail and drug drama. All they are going to see is neighbours who are kind. Family who is middle class. That’s it. That’s all I want. 

A boring life.


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