Genesis 1

Before Bible starts talking about us, it focuses on God.

It’s all about him

He had no competition (not like Thor)

All verses starts with God. No peers No rivals

Isaiah – He will not share his glory with another

Theres no evidence presented through the whole text. it is just “here it is”

The Chapter is ordered. Moses wrote it to show there is order to everything God does there is a purpose.

Not chronological order – day 1 light and day. day 4 its moon and sun etc. 1 2 3 space. 4 5 6 fills space. (could it be that he did the space and then did living things)

God is not part of creation – He was there in the begining. hes outside creation.

How did he create? Simply speaks. ( Like Father Like son – Jesus calms storms by speaking).

Moses wrote Genesis (16BC) to prove the people of the time and the ancient cultures (babylonian creation) that there is one God without Chaos, calmly and not to show you how.

There are 2 days he doesnt say “it was good”. one when Man was created and the other the 2nd day – which is a Monday.

Everything God created was good. but we make it bad. for eg purpose of knife.

Isaiah 56 – 26? gods word is powerful.

Verse 1 – He created from absolute starting point (Heavens and the Earth) Does this mean its an act of Grace. He is the God of everything we can see and cant see. Physical and Spiritual (demons and Angels)

Verse 2 – He brings calm to chaos.

Verse 26 – Hint of trinity – spirit of God. Let US make humanity in OUR image.


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